ICS Version 2.0 (released 12 Nov 2003)

NOTE: The instructions below are out of date, and The downloads will probably not work. The sources are available at If you really want to run ICS, you'll need to get the sources and figure out how to rebuild it, as we have stopped support for ICS.

ICS is free under the MIT License.

Note: Some ICS 2.0 binaries are also distributed as part of SAL 2.3, and ICS 2.0c (which includes important bugfixes) is available with the  *NEW* SAL 2.4 pre-release. Only download ICS explicitly if you need the full system (with documentation, shell interactor etc.), or a different version.

For commercial evaluation or use, site licenses, and other licensing questions, please contact

ICS Version 2.1 Experimental

This version gives a sneak preview of ICS 2.1 . It is not fully tested and can not yet be considered to be stable.

Older Versions (source only)

Note that these all require the same license as the source distribution described above. These versions are of historical interest only.

ICS Version 1.1 (released 15 Mar 2002)

ICS Version 1.0 (released 15 Jun 2002)

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